Наши услуги

Airport pick-up & drop-off (transfer)

Car rental by hour

Minivan rental

City-to-city transfer

Transportation of delegations


If you would like to rent car with a driver, please
call us at +7 777 999 08 84

4 reasons why you should choose us

We work hard to satisfy the needs of our customers


We take into consideration the preferences and opportunities of every customer.


Polite and friendly drivers will be at your service.


All our cars are serviced on a regular basis and well maintained.


We provide reliable and comfortable car for any length of time at reasonable price!

About us

We are one of the leading companies in the transport services market of Astana, in particular in renting car with a driver. We can offer modern and comfortable cars at reasonable price.

How we work

We provide services to both individuals and legal entities.
We accept payment in cash and bank transfer.


  • Cash
  • Personalized services

Legal entities

  • Cash
  • Bank transfer
  • Contract based services

online application or call +7 777 999 08 84!

Our clients

We have provided services to many companies and ordinary people.
Our clients include European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and TransMashHolding.

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development


Humanitarian Fund "Degdar"


Отзывы наших клиентов и благодарственные письма от компаний.

Гуманитарный фонд "Дегдар"

Искренне благодарим Вас и Вашу кампанию за оперативную и качественную работу при проведении ежегодного Международного фестиваля "Астана Кештерi"...

"Travel Services"

Позвольте выразить Вам свою благодарность за оперативную и качественную работу. Зарекомендовали себя как надежного и добросовестного партнера в сфере транспортных услуг...